Fitness Tips Membership

Welcome to our Health and Wellness Community! | taught by Leanne Sklavenitis
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Course Curriculum

Introduction To The Site
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Fitness Workouts
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Injuries & Rehabilitation
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Resources for Sale
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Fitness Tips Membership

Course description

Welcome to Fitness Tips Membership.

You are now part of our tribe and community. This is your one stop shop to get all that you require to lead a long, healthy, and fit lifestyle.

This is the place to find resources and information on:

1. Weight Loss & Weight Management

2. Health & Wellness

3. Nutrition & Diet

4. Mindset & Motivation

5. Fitness Workouts

6. Specialty Information

7. Disease Prevention & Other conditions

8. Injuries and Rehabilitation

9. Sports Specific

10. Resources for Sale

11. Webinars

12. 13 Week Program

13. EBooks

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Leanne Sklavenitis
Leanne Sklavenitis
Lead Instructor

Leanne Sklavenitis

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